Ultracargo wins area auction at Porto do Itaqui, MA

The movement is aligned with the company’s growth plan in strategic ports.

São Paulo, April 9, 2021 – Ultracargo, the largest independent liquid bulk storage company in Brazil, has won the auction for the leasing of the IQI13 area, at Porto do Itaqui, in the state of Maranhão (MA), Brazil, a strategic location in the country’s fuel distribution chain, where the company already operates a 109,000 m³ terminal, expansion works in progress that should increase its capacity to 155,000 m³ by the end of this year.

A new terminal will be built in the leased area with a static capacity of at least 79,000 m³, with operation scheduled to start within five years from the signing date of the contract. The lease will have a term of 20 years and may be renewed for up to 70 years.

The new terminal will be interconnected with the current one, allowing greater flexibility for customers, in addition to being an important stimulus for the development of the economy and the subsequent creation of jobs in the region.

This new investment is in line with Ultracargo’s growth strategy and its purpose of connecting businesses, contributing to the evolution of Brazilian port logistics. “The result of the auction reaffirms our commitment to the Port of Itaqui, an important fuel distribution hub given its connection to an efficient railway network that allows the supply of high-growth regions in the coming years, such as the states of Maranhão, Piauí, Tocantins, and portions of Pará,” said Décio Amaral, President of Ultracargo.

In addition to the Port of Itaqui, Ultracargo operates in Santos (São Paulo), Aratu (Bahia), Suape (Pernambuco), Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro), and Paranaguá (Paraná). As from 2022, it will also operate in the North region, with the start of operations at the Port of Vila do Conde (Pará), currently under construction.