The connection, joint work and alignment of our coworkers with company values comprise our greatest asset. Therefore we care, invest and value our team of coworkers.

Profissionais qualificados

Extremely qualified professionals

At Ultracargo, know-how is shared among all areas to ensure the excellence of each process and we are continuously seeking improvements, always acting client-oriented.



High performance, autonomy and meritocracy are characteristics of our culture, constructed along 53 years of performance. The synergy of the coworkers with Our Way of Being makes the difference in the quality of our delivery, always aimed at the clients’ requirements.


Coworker Commitment

We invest in actions that maintain an organizational climate above market standards. Our latest Organization Climate Research indicated 83% of favorability, a score that can be perceived in our daily life and in the commitment of our coworkers in building an ever better company.

By means of several programs with several difficulty levels, we boost the development of our professionals. In addition to keeping an eye on their technical education, we provide a collaborative environment that disseminates our safety culture.

With an average training of 66 man-hours per year, our professionals are prepared to deal with emergency situations considering that safety is a disseminated value inside and outside of the company.

Our strategy is disseminated to all coworkers of all organizational levels, by means of ‘Ambassadors 2022’. With this innovative communication model, we ensure that all professionals are aware of the initiatives by the company and learn how to cooperate to reach the strategic objectives.

For Ultracargo it is important that our coworkers’ families know our culture and our investments in safety. For this aim, we organize events to receive this very important public and present the company routine, providing a day of confraternization for everyone.


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