Ultracargo’s market credibility has a solid base in our strict compliance. We work according to codes and policies which are widely disseminated among our coworkers, such as the Ultra Code of Ethics and our Policy of Anticorruption and Relationship with Public Agents. In our daily life, we act ethically generating sustainable value for the business.


Through the directives of the Ethics and Compliance Program of the Ultra Group and our initiative called Ethic Commitment, we monitor actions, divulge principles of conduct, train coworkers and adjust processes in order that ethics and safety always come first. Learn to know our main pillars:

Our efforts are aimed at assuring a righteous and transparent environment so that everyone always assumes an ethic posture during the performance of activities and in relationships with partners.

Monitoring and reassessing situations of risk are part of our everyday life at Ultracargo, and we are always thinking about preventing any type of adverse occurrences and having a team prepared to deal with adversities in a conscious manner.

We carry out several projects to divulge compliance directives, as well as to prepare and raise consciousness of our coworkers and suppliers regarding the relevance to act correctly in every situation.

Ultra Open Channel

One of the most important tools for detection of wrongdoings and nonconformity is the Ultra Open Channel in which coworkers, third parties and partners can post complaints and clarify doubts regarding ethical dilemma. With national and international reach, the channel is operated by an independent company that handles the information with confidentially and diligence, warranting its correct processing.

Every complaint will be investigated by an Internal Audit. More critical cases will be analyzed by the Conduct Committee and may be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Ultra Group.

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