Sustainable Development

Ultracargo is committed with the development of its coworkers, the population in general and the environment surrounding its operations. For this aim, we know that it is essential to grow in a sustainable way, minimizing environmental impacts and Aimee at the growth of the society as a whole.

We take active part in the development of a society with more opportunities, by means of job generation and investments in a strategic sector for the Country’s economy.
We operate according to the most highly regarded market assessments.
We support initiatives that contribute for the social and economic development of the regions in which we operate
We evaluate the economic, environmental and social aspects in all our activities.
Our Sustainable Development Policy demonstrates our commitment with economic, social and environmental aspects. The policy directives were widely divulged to our coworkers and third parties and guide our activities and decisions.

Providing an organizational environment that allows open dialogue, stimulating professional development and respecting human rights and diversity, along the entire value chain.

Being a reference in rendering of services by means of agility, reliability, safety and guidance for the client. Orienting our relations always with transparency, ethics, commitment and application of the best corporate governance practices.

Be excellent in management by means of meeting legal requirements, responsible and efficient use of natural resources and adoption of ongoing improvements to prevent operational and occupational risks as well as socio-environmental impacts.

HSEQ Management System

In order to establish and maintain the processes in the areas of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, we created Vital, our HSEQ Management System. Comprising 14 strategic elements, the System encompasses everything from health programs, quality of life and ergonomy to risk analysis and addressing of emergencies. Additionally, the system provides guidance for requirements that should be followed by coworkers, partners, third parties and clients.
Learn about the 14 elements.

Social Projects

Foster the development of a more egalitarian, sustainable and human society is one of our commitments. Learn about some of the Projects we support:

Citizenship Center

An initiative offering free services and activities regarding leisure, health, education, sports, and citizenship for poor communities in Camaçari, Bahia.

Learn more

Community in Action Prize

In partnership with the newspaper A Tribuna, this prize provides incentives and values actions by the community in the Baixada Santista region.

Learn more

In Right Hands

An initiative by Childhood Brasil with the purpose to face sexual abuse of children and adolescents on the roads of Brazil.

Learn more

Environmental Conduct Code

Developed to establish good practices to be adopted by the company and partners, the Ultracargo Environmental Conduct Code was created based on indications of the UN Environmental Protection Agency.

Learn the three main pillars:
1. Minimize impact of activities by Ultracargo for present and future generations, creating a sustainable environment.
2. Spare natural resources.
3. Construct a culture that places preservation of the environment as a directive for coworkers, service renderers, suppliers and clients.

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