Ultracargo’s positioning on COVID-19

Ultracargo’s positioning on COVID-19

Health and safety are fundamental values for Ultracargo and are reflected in each decision we take. For this reason we adopted preventive actions in our facilities, aiming to avoid the dissemination of the Covid-19 virus; safeguarding our coworkers and their families, the community surrounding our operations; our clients, partners and the Country’s health system.

We provide essential services for the society, since we are part of the chain for fuel supply and fundamental provisioning of prime materials for the population. Therefore, we are responsible to maintain our operations active, aiming to warrant supplies in such a delicate moment.

Our Crisis Committee, rising company officials and health specialists, is following all daily updates and taking agile decisions. A great number of our coworkers are working in home office mode, and those performing critical activities were divided into two teams – one of them acting in home office mode ready to replace the first one if necessary.

We thank all our coworkers and partners, who, even while faced with such a challenging scenario, have been supporting our objective to connect businesses, contributing for the evolution of port logistics.

We are sure that during this period, we will continue actively and safely with our operations, ensuring services to our clients.

We stress the relevance for everyone to follow the guidance by the World Health Organization and the Health Ministry. We are counting on you! #façasuaparte