About us

Ultracargo: number one independent liquid bulk storage company in Brazil.

Our Way of Being

Learn which are the principles and convictions that guide our decisions, actions and behavior.
Nosso jeito de ser

We place safety first

We perform beyond standards, therefore being a reference in our sector. We operate preventively and place issues regarding HSEQ above any other aspect.

We do the best always

We constantly work on improvements for our processes and services, aiming at excellence in everything we do.

We act clearly and simply

We operate with transparency, simplifying processes and reducing complexities.

We are client oriented

We take our decisions and act focused on the client, working with flexibility to offer customized and complete solutions.

We act with ethics

We do not produce results at any cost: we respect the laws and regulations and generate sustainable value for the business.

We work together and with respect towards other people

We created an environment of cooperation and joint learning, integrating different points of view to bring more value to each workday.

Our objective

To connect businesses contributing for the evolution of port logistics.

This means that we connect:

Brazil with the world

because we position ourselves strategically and are ready to handle businesses globally.

A business with another

because we are a link of our clients’ logistics chain and we turned connections with their clients and suppliers faster and more fluid.

The regions of the Country

with presence in main Brazilian ports providing solutions that attend the requirements of different markets.

The society

boosting the development of the Country with consciousness of the amplitude of our role by bringing agility and efficiency to the businesses of our clients.


by exercising closeness with the client and professionalism, we understand the needs of each client and delve into their markets and processes, in an integrated effort to always deliver the best.

Our vision

To be a reference in bulk liquid port operations.

Find out the distinctive features that make up Ultracargo’s strength:


Our efforts are aimed to be as efficient as possible. We invest to deliver the services in the agreed timeframe and level, always with transparency and quality. Additionally, we offer predictability and information on the assets and procedures allowing the client to carry out the best way to manage his business.



Our safety standards exceed normative technical requirements; making us therefore a reference in our sector. We work with protection and safety in any activity, thus minimizing risks and preserving everyone and everything.



We deliver products to our clients in the same quantity and quality as they were delivered to us.



Our terminals are prepared to receive several types of products: chemicals, petrochemicals, fuels, biofuels and vegetable oils. Ultracargo offers a tanking model that is adaptable to the specific requirements of each client. This means that we have an infrastructure to transfer, store and reallocate any product efficiently and without losses.


Geographic reach

Ultracargo is present in Aratu, Itaqui, Paranaguá, Rio de Janeiro, Santos e Suape, and is building a new terminal in Vila do Conde, in the state of Pará. The influence areas of the terminals extend over the entire national territory, capturing volumes from different markets.


Technology and innovation

We are constantly working to innovate and develop new technologies, thinking about more agile and safe ways to optimize and improve the tank adequacy process. We also invest in automation technology, bringing more safety and support for the challenges of each client’s businesses know-how.



We rely on highly trained and experienced professionals, allowing us to offer consultancy for our clients in procedural aspects regarding port logistics, allowing clients to boost their businesses with leading-edge information and advanced knowledge.



In addition to our history exceeding 50 years, we are leaders in the sector and are part of the Ultra Group, one of the largest companies in the Country and reference on the world market. Corporate governance, robustness of the business and financial solidity are some of the factors that place the Ultra companies at the forefront in their performance segments.